Fri, 19th of September

[KYUNG] 140919 Twitter Update

Went to Super Show to play

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Mon, 15th of September
Anonymous asked: Can I use the right gif in this photoset for my sidebar and give you credit in my description?? post/87208024246 I would really appreciate it :)))

Sure as long as you credit and don’t claim it as your own or anything :) It’ll be nice to know who you are too if you message un-anon hehe I could check out how it looks on your blog ^^

Sun, 14th of September

[ZICO] 140914 Twitter Update

In Russia

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Sat, 13th of September

헐 오늘은 우지호 생일이다 i’ve been so caught up with my practicum teaching attachment that i lost track of what’s the date and i only just realised it’s 14 september ㅠㅠ

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Thu, 11th of September
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Wed, 10th of September


(brb crying cos idk where you all came from even with my inactive blog)

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Fri, 5th of September

Did anyone buy Block B’s special album of HER? The other day I found out about it and I’m not sure if I’ll buy it yet lol

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Fri, 5th of September

[B-BOMB] 140905 Twitter Update
It’s been a long time since (I’ve posted) a selca …

Sun, 17th of August

annyeong ~ ㅋㅋㅋ

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Thu, 14th of August


[7ONTHEBLOCK] 140814 Block B #1 on MCcountDown